Get real-time information information to manage your fleet. No matter the size or equipment.


If you are measuring EQUIPMENT UTILIZATION and COST-PER-HOUR, you can make the right decisions on your equipment fleet to improve profitability.  With MSP Fleet, you can reduce costs and maximize your return on capital investments.

THE 80/20 RULE

When it comes to the equipment, the 80/20 rule is alive and well.  Once you implement MSP Fleet, you’ll see first-hand that 80% of your cost issues are a result of 20% of your equipment fleet. 


With insightful dashboards and analytics, MSP Fleet provides a real-time view of your fleet assets, costs, and key metrics.  Better yet, use MSP Fleet’s unique ALERTS feature, let MSP Fleet inform you when something occurs outside the norm.  Manage by exception rather than pour through reems of data.

Service Requests

Scan a QR Code to see service history on any asset.  Make service requests to your in-house maintenance department or equipment service provider in seconds. 

Desktop & Mobile

Get instant answers while on the go.
Take a deep dive into the metrics on desktop to get the whole story at a glance, or export the data for further analysis.

Secure Environment

MSP Fleet operates in the cloud.
There is no hardware to purchase and no need to expose your ERP System to outside access. It’s safe & secure.