Custom Software & Programming

Custom mobile applications to solve YOUR business problems


Package software is great — as long as it meets your business requirements. In deploying mobile and wireless computing solutions, often times custom mobile software is required. Our customers — from the world’s largest retailer to the mid-size automotive manufacturer — have partnered with MSP Lift for a variety of custom mobile software applications.

Integration with legacy systems 

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To achieve the needed productivity improvements, our customers often desire to integrate their mobile computing platform with existing legacy systems. While this can potentially be a lengthy and complex task, MSP Lift can make mobile platform integration a seamless, painless and inexpensive process. Whether you are integrating with an ERP package like SAP, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics or in-house developed software, MSP Lift can bring the right mobile solution at an ROI that makes sense for your business. With extensive experience connecting mobile technology with dozens of popular (and not so popular) ERP systems, we can offer your business a new platform for improving productivity.

Custom Mobile Applications

Many customers have engaged MSP Lift to develop and implement custom mobile applications to improve their business operations. Here’s a short sample of custom mobile applications that MSP Lift has worked on recently for other companies:

  • Field sales promotional inventory system.
  • Asset control and monitoring system.
  • Direct part marking shop floor integration with legacy system.
  • Signature capture application for direct store delivery (DSD).
  • Field service work order application with sophisticated ERP integrations.
  • Custom, sophisticated labeling application for bottling company
  • Customized lot controlled production management system for food additive manufacturer.
  • Voice picking application for warehouse operation

Bottom Line

MSP Lift has a 100% success rate on custom mobile application projects. We offer two free “Custom Mobile Application Assessments” every month to prospective clients. Call us today and get on our “Application Assessment” schedule.

Bottom Line: MSP Lift’s custom mobile applications can improve your company’s productivity.